About Parnassus Project

Connecting chamber music and community.

Based in the Greater Seattle area, Parnassus Project seeks to bring chamber music to a cafe culture. Part concert and part social gathering, our events offer top-notch performances, food, and drink in intimate, relaxed venues and encourage interaction among musicians and audience members. Our goals:

  • To feature emerging local professionals playing music they love.
  • To provide audiences with a fresh take on the classical concert experience.
  • To create community-building experiences through partnerships with local businesses and collaborations across musical/artistic genres.

Why “Parnassus Project”?

In Greek mythology, Parnassus was the home of the Muses and became known as the home of poetry, music, and learning. Parnassus is also the name of a cafe where many of our founding members got their daily caffeine while students at the UW.


Brooks Tran, Artistic Director & Co-Founder
Ruth Mar, Associate Artistic Director & Co-Founder